World Hardest Game



Welcome to The Hardest Game In The World, this game is intelligence game. The Red square, that is you. If you hit the blue circles, you will be loser, so you have to avoid them, and try to collect the yellow circles, that is coin. The green beacon, when you go to it, you will win. This game has 30 levels, very interesting. Submit your score, when you have complete this game, your score is how many times you have died.

Tips for some levels:

  • Do not just jump right into a level you have never played before! Analyze the level beforehand and plan out how you are going to beat it. Remember, the objective is to beat the game with the least amount of deaths, not in the fastest time.
  • When you are up against grids of enemies, the safest place to be is away from the center. This way you have more time to move between the enemies. Even when the grid formations are less evident, if many of the enemies are moving up and down or left and right, the best place to be would be away from the center. Some levels are actually impossible without using this strategy, so make sure you have mastered it!
  • Some levels have a pattern that you must analyze and strategically manipulate in order to beat them. Levels with patterns usually take more deaths to beat, but if you make sure with each death you are not making the same mistake, you are death count will be lower.
  • When challenged with obstacles that require your attention in more than one place at a time, sometimes it helps to sacrifice your player a few times just focusing on one aspect of the level, and when you are more comfortable with that skill you can attempt the other aspects of the level at the same time.
  • On levels that have safe spots or checkpoints, you should not take too long of a break on them (especially if they are not checkpoints), because then when you resume playing you will not be quite as quick as you were when you reached that position. Remember, just because the time you take to beat the game does not matter, does not mean you should be taking a long break at every chance you get.
  • The following level is impossible.

How to play:

Control by arrow keys, simple to play but very hard with this game to win. Have a nice day.