Golden Snitch Game

A puzzle game called Golden Snitch Game with extreme challenge content and eye-catching graphics is for both kids and adults. In fact, the game provides participants with the space to test their smartness and cleverness on interacting with blocks and solving related puzzles. Don’t ignore its challenges as all of them will get you shocked, and you will be totally surprised at your brain, all players! The following are some rules and hints for you to come closer to the victory.

Golden Snitch Game

The most important thing which players need to concern when entering this game is the ultimate target. There are numerous demanding levels during the game, and each one is about making use of the snitch to convert ordinary cubes into the golden ones. All things here are done via main arrow keys (left, right, up and down).

It’s noticeable that once a random cube has been changed into the golden one, players do not have any right to pass over it again. In the case they get stuck in every hard situation like that, don’t forget about the Reset button at the bottom. Quickly tap this button to restart the level and avoid wasting time. However, it’s strongly recommended that they need to have certain strategies in their mind to be able to show right directions and turn all of the cubes into the golden ones and complete the level.

After the 10th level, the game supplies players with more than one snitch that can be two or three in number to carry out the task of converting the initial cubes into the ones colored gold. For example, 2 golden snitches will be shown up at the 14th level, or three ones appear at the 19th level. As a consequence, it seems more difficult and challenging. Try to make use of your brain to evade getting cornered and stuck.

Another hint for all players is to SOLUTION at the bottom of the game’s interface. If failing in a random level and retrying it many times, but still failing, they can take advantage of solutions provided before.

Scores will be added to the budget after each level is successfully finished. Take up each challenge of Golden Snitch Game and try to overcome it to achieve high scores, all players! I believe that the cool game will help your eyes become sharper and make your fingers more quickly. Enjoy now!

Use the arrow keys for movement.